Inside Our Shop, We Do All Kinds of Collision, Custom and Restoration Work.

Jason Dietsch Collision and Customs is a One Stop Shop for all your collision and custom needs in Northwest Ohio.

Some of the most common things we do are;

  • Minor Scratches and dent repairs.
  • Rust Repairs of all sizes and kinds.
  • Major Body Repair—No matter how serious the damage to your vehicle is, we can make it new again.
  • Frame Straightening—Repairing major vehicle damage often involves frame straightening.  Jason Dietsch Collision and Customs has the equipment and expertise to handle any job.
  • Paint-less Dent Removal – Jason Dietsch Collision and Customs has access to the technology that makes paint less dent removal paint less.
  • Paint—No matter the color of your car, Jason Dietsch Collision and Customs can match it.  You won’t be able to tell where the paint was affected.
  • Detailing—A Service popular in the spring, but also available year around.   This might be as close as you get to the day you picked it up from the dealer.
  • Trailers of all kinds can we modified or repaired. Even if you need graphics or paint to match your trucks, we can do it!
  • Custom car paint and creation! We can change or modify cars/trucks/vans/SUVs. This could be body enhancements to extend a bed of a pick up truck, to custom candy paint job for your hot rod!
  • Restoration – Need that old dusty car in the garage resorted back to as good as brand new? We can do it all from ground up!

This is a small list with a few things of many that we can do! We are a one stop shop for Northwest Ohio Collision Services of any kind. Give us a call for questions or quotes at 419-298-0777 or shoot us an email at


Have a custom classic car you need restored, no problem! 

Have heavy frame damage? We have the equipment to restore it back to new!

How about unique vehicles that were rare or limited? We can do it!

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